Lamma 2016 will see RDS Technology Ltd exhibiting its extensive range of on-board weighing scales including the WEIGHLOG 펱10, which has been specifically designed for agricultural loaders.

The WEIGHLOG 펱10 incorporates a 4.3″ colour, hi brightness resistive touchscreen display and additional physical keys providing a user-friendly on-board weighing system that can be used for trailer & hopper loading, batch blending or check weighing.

Suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments e.g. buckets or forks, the system can be retrofitted onto compact wheeled loaders, telescopic handlers, forklifts, skidsteer type loaders and tractor loaders.

The system measures hydraulic pressure using up to 4 sensors at a certain position on the lifting cycle compensating for pressure changes in the system.

Enhanced stores capability comprising 30 products, 30 customers and up to 5 different recipes designed around animal feed mixing, dispensing and grain handling enable accurate record keeping and traceability.

The system provides communication and data storage via SD card reader and USB 2.0 host allowing quick, safe and efficient uploading and downloading of data.


Also on show will be the Combine Moisture Meter 100.Using the same moisture sensor technology as the renowned RDS Ceres yield monitor, the Combine Moisture Meter 100 eliminates the need to make regular stops during harvesting to test grain moisture content and helps to quickly identify if conditions are, or are becoming, unsuitable for combining.

Monitoring the moisture content of the crop helps to indicate its ripeness, enabling more timely harvesting decisions to be made in the field.  Knowing the grain moisture content also allows it to be stored in the optimum location according to drying or cooling requirements.

LAMMA 2016 will also see RDS Technology Ltd exhibiting its wide range of monitoring and measuring instruments for farming applications including the Artemis variable rate seed drill control system, the Ceres 8000i yield monitor system for combines, and the Delta 34i and Spraymaster 200 sprayer regulation and control systems.

For more information on how RDS can help improve your farming operations ““ visit our stand, go to or call 01453 733300.