Loadmaster 800iX- highly accurate on-board weighing system

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Loadmaster 800iX

The RDS Loadmaster 800iX is a highly accurate dual-sensor, temperature and slope compensating on-board weighing system, suitable for use on all types of loader for check-weighing incoming good


  • Eliminates return trips from the weighbridge of over/underloaded vehicles.
  • Reduces weighbridge queues.
  • Ensures vehicles are correctly loaded first time.
  • Improves site safety by eliminating unnecessary vehicle movements.
  • Weighing “Ëœon the lift”â„¢ speeds operation, enabling operators to load more lorries per shift.


  • Lift speed, temperature and slope compensated dynamic weighing mode.
  • Static weighing mode.
  • Live last bucket tip-off facility.
  • Multiple attachment or product calibration facility.
  • Overload logging.
  • Net weighing function (for containers/pallets).
  • LED backlit screen and keypads.
  • s, lorry loading and other basic weighing requirements.


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