The Loadmaster 9000i is a highly accurate on-board weighing system for fully dynamic and static weighing. It is approvable for the sale of goods to trade customers and conforms to MID Class Y(b) and OIML standards.

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Loadmaster 9000i


  • Legal for commercial trade applications in all EU countries and many other countries worldwide.
  • Traceable loads to MID Class Y(b) and OIML R51 and R76 (Class IIII) standards.
  • Provides operational and management records of loading activity.
  • Ideal for use on temporary sites or sites without a weighbridge, avoiding the expense of having one installed.
  • Eliminates return trips from the weighbridge of over/underloaded lorries by ensuring lorries are correctly loaded first time.
  • Weighing ‘on the lift’ speeds operation, enabling operators to load more lorries per shift.
  • Batch weighing capability for the uploading of product blends for accurate mixes.



  • Lift speed, temperature and slope compensated dynamic weighing mode.
  • Last bucket tip-off facility for the exact loading of trucks.
  • 1000 store internal database for products and customers.
  • Net weighing option for container/pallet weighing.
  • Angle sensor for slopes of up to 10 degrees included as standard.
  • Integral SD card reader for load data transfer to and from PC.
  • Large easy-to-read, backlit display in a rugged construction for heavy-duty applications.
  • Compatible with RDS printer and data tansfer options.
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